Oliver Almeida


Natalie Molina, Staff Writer

Oliver Gybran Almeida is a sophomore attending Hoover High School, and he is in the ALMA Academy. Oliver is 14 years old, and his birthday is November 2nd. He likes to hang out with his friends because they make him happy, and he’s considering joining soccer this year. He likes school and hopes it will be a good year for him to thrive and succeed.

His favorite classes are English and physics because he has friends to talk to and bond with. His favorite color is purple because it’s a rare color that rarely anyone likes, but he likes it. The shows that he loves are Cobra Kai and Dragon Ball, and his all-time favorite movies are Whiplash and Cars.

He is grateful for his former math teacher Mrs. Teuthorn because she’s always there to listen and give great advice and support. His biggest worry is getting bad grades because he thinks he didn’t try hard enough. Things that will help him get his mind off of anything negative is classwork, because it helps him focus on one thing and prevents him from overthinking one negative reaction. He would change anything that left him hurting so he could be in a happier light, and tries to focus on himself and how this year would go for him. He’s trying his hardest to be on top of school life but also living his personal life. It may be hard for him at times, but altogether, he is always there to put a smile on anyone’s face.