Quality makes a difference


Vivian Nguyen, Staff Writer

Everybody has a different way of showing admiration for their loved ones, but mine is Quality Time.

It is significant for me to show my love through my actions because communicating sometimes has difficulties. I always make my schedule available to my close friends and family because being around them makes me feel tranquil and happy. As a girl who isn’t the best at expressing my words, I find it much easier to demonstrate them with kind gestures. To me, the little things are most noticeable rather than the more obvious ones, but that’s what makes it so special.

Getting to know about my friends and family brings me closer to them and it makes our relationship better. It’s hard for me to consider people as one of my “closest friends” unless they are somebody trustworthy and bring out the excitement in my life. That’s why the more I get to see a person’s qualities, differentiating our status is very important. Most of the people I know are just friends I talk to at school, and I only have 2 close friends. That’s because we have spent so much time together that I don’t consider myself a bother or just a friend to them because they also care about me.

Reciprocity is very relevant in my life, and quality time decides if they match my personality and rationality. I am a person who is very carefree but a girl who likes to enjoy the moment in the present time. If others restrain me from what I enjoy, that’s a sign that it just wasn’t meant to be. This is why quality time is so important.