I really like Spider-Man!


Ashley Corrales, Staff Writer

The first time I watched Spider-man: No Way Home was in theaters, shockingly on Christmas day. The emotions I went through watching the movie were multiple to say the least. The movie just had too many events to not be excited or sad about.

No Way Home stars various actors like Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Benedict Cumberbatch. After Peter Parker was revealed as Spider-man to the nation, Dr. Strange tries to reverse the situation by attempting to create a spell, but it turns out to be a disaster for Peter, and for the multiverse. Although the movie came out in 2021, it has been nominated for and won awards. For example, the movie was the most nominated at the MTV Awards, but only won two awards; Best Movie and Tom Holland was awarded Best Performance in a movie.

Words can’t describe how much I love this movie. The way they had, not only Andrew Garfield, but TOBEY Maguire in the same movie! The Spider-mans I would see in my childhood were together in the same film and it gave me happiness. I really loved the symbolism as well; I will always remember when MJ (Zendaya) fell from the top of the construction site and Andrew (a.k.a the Amazing Spider-man) caught her in time, I was so close to tears, especially when Andrew began to cry. Another thing is by the end of the movie, where the multiverse incident was over and nobody knows who Peter Parker is, he writes a letter for MJ, in hopes of giving it to her and rekindle their relationship; he decided to not give the letter to her. Although this scene made me incredibly heartbroken, I think it really makes sense and adds to Peter Parker’s character, which is one of the many reasons why I adore this movie. If I ever got the chance to see NWH for the first time again, I for sure would.