AOTW ~ Jeavon Vaughner


Jesus Gastelum, Staff Writer

Jeavon Vaughner is a senior at Hoover High School and in the AOIT academy.  He has a weighted GPA of 3.0 which he has kept for all four years. Jeavon is a lineman on the varsity football team, and even though he has practice everyday and games every friday and a job, Jeavon still manages to get his work done. He is both incredible on and off the field and he loves to keep his teammates in check and keep their heads up. Not only does he play football, he also loves lacrosse because it’s the closest thing to football and he loves to stay active. Not only does he love to play sports, he listens to music and loves to hangout with his friends.

He inspires to be a businessman and own multiple businesses and make loads of money. He inspired himself saying he needs to be successful in life and make his parents proud of him. His motivation to keep playing are his teammates and everyone around him. He loves playing football and lacrosse because he enjoys the teambonding and the bond he has with his teammates.