Pick up this “stray”


Kathy Tran, Associate Editor

One of the most popular South Korean boy bands in Seoul formed by the JYP Entertainment in 2018, is known as Stray Kids. Stray Kids consists of eight members, Felix, Lee Know, Hyunjin, Han, Bang Chan, Changbin, and Seungmin. As talented singers and dancers, they rose to popularity.

Stray Kids first debuted on March 25, 2018 with their mini album, I Am Not and took them five whole years to reach the top of the Billboard 200. Most artists and singers are not able to reach this high in that amount of time. Stray Kids holds many live concerts and shows worldwide, leaving many fans screaming and excited for more. I personally really enjoy listening to Stray Kids´ songs, and I would listen to them whenever I am not in a good mood to cheer me up with their upbeat songs.

Stray Kids have produced music in the genres of hip-hop and electronic. They are considered to be a self-producing idol group and I really enjoy their unique taste in genre. The name, Stray Kids, was conceptualized by the members themselves. The meaning behind their name refers to a “lost child who desired to chase their dreams and grew to find a way together out of the ordinary.” I really liked how the members came up with a name with such a great and deep meaning that represents them.

Stray Kids have won many awards for their amazing music and production. Some of the awards they have won include Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Male Artist, Seoul Music Awards for Best New Artist, and Golden Disc Award Album Division. Stray Kids debuted with a variety of albums. Some of Stray Kids´ albums includes, I Am Not, I Am You, I Am Who, in 2018; All In, IN LIFE, GO LIVE, in 2020; Circus, and Oddinary, in 2022. A few songs I enjoy listening to are ”God´s Menu,” ”Maniac,” and ”MIROH.” I really enjoyed watching their unique dance styles and singing.