Do your part


Judith Sanchez, Staff Writer

Hoover is an incredibly beautiful school and with the recent construction, a really nice campus. But there is a problem with some students who are messy and throw their trash on the ground. Every day after lunch, there is always trash and food all around the campus. The problem with this is that it is harder for the custodians to pick it all up after lunch and before the school day ends. It is hard because it is all over the school, and not just in the common places. Another thing is that ASB has been helpful to the custodians, and pick up trash after lunch to help the campus look presentable. Students should pick up after themselves to keep the buildings and campus clean. Last year the 1200 and 300 buildings had trash on the floor and milk split on the stairs.  It’s no wonder students are seldom allowed in those buildings during lunch.

Another reason it is not good for people to just throw their trash on the ground is because there are birds that fly around the school constantly, and the trash and food left on the floor attracts cockroaches and rodents to the campus. If students want a clean campus, they should try not to litter and throw their trash in the trash can because the cans are all over the campus. It’s ironic that there is trash only a few steps away from the trash can, but some students are too lazy to walk a few steps over to throw their trash away.

Students need to take pride in their school and pick up after themselves and remind your friends to pick up their trash and not throw it on the ground. We all need to take responsibility, and even pick up trash if you see it on the floor or on campus.  Everyone wants the campus to look nice.  Do you throw trash on the floor at your house?   If you do, some of you might get the “chancla.”