Four legged family


Gerardo Flores, Staff Writer

Cats are loving animals. Now I know you may argue and disagree with me, but my experience with my cats is different. All experiences with our cats are different but let me tell you mine.

I have four cats: three males, and one female. I had another female cat who was a Siamese, but sadly she passed away from cancer in September. The boy’s names are Garfield, a fat ginger cat, Angel, white with grayish spots, Prince, a black fluffy cat, and the female Cheekys, a fat Siamese cat. I grew up with these cats. more or less. But they feel like family to me. Although they can be trouble makers making so much mess and running around everywhere, they are fun to be around.

The best part about having cats is when they want your attention. It’s adorable to hear them meow at you and look at you when they want something. My cat Angel meows so much when he is hungry, but it sometimes drives me crazy. Another thing is they are soft and make good cuddle buddies. I am not saying I cuddled with my cats nor am I saying I haven’t. But all I will say is that they are loveable. In particular, I love it when the cats get scared of the water when they need a bath since I get an opportunity to teach them to not be afraid of the water. Cats may get grumpy too but they also have character. Some days they are mad, gloomy, tired or in perspective when looking outside the window. The only downside of having cats is cleaning the litter box, when they break things, and when they “litter” outside of the litter box (you all know what I mean).

Overall my cats may be hard to take care of but in the end it’s worth having the cats I watched grow up and know. I take care of them as if they were my own children.