What I Am Thankful For

The Cardinal staff asks fellow Cardinals what they are thankful for.


There are many things to be thankful for in this world. But the one thing that will always be first is family. I am thankful for my family. Family is the most important thing in my life. I would give up anything/do anything for my family. They mean the world to me. Although my family might be really small they are worth it. My mom and two sisters are the people I call family. They are the reason why I persevere in becoming my best self for them. They bring a joy that only they could bring. My family is the most precious thing that I have. They are always there for me and always support me.-

~Brandon Antunez ’23

Many things to be thankful for but I am thankful for my friends, my family and being able to live another day. I am thankful for my friends because they are the people I like to be around and the people that bring joy by either making me laugh or just being there for me. My family is a big part of my life, they are so important to me. They are the reason why I try to become the best version of myself everyday. I am truly thankful for being able to wake up to another day and continue with my life. Many don’t have that chance and for me to be able to continue with my life, is a big thing I’m thankful for.

~Juan Chinchilla ’23

There are little things that I am thankful for. But my small number of friends and family are people I am thankful for. I am thankful for those people that I call friends. Some have been there for a long time and some for less time but they have always been there for me and I can truly say I am thankful for them. My family is a big thing I am thankful for. They are the most important people in my life. They are always there for me and they always support me. I am also thankful for those teachers that have helped me and encouraged me throughout my life. They have been there to help me, they have had a big impact in my education and in my life. There haven’t been many but to those who have been there, I will always be grateful and thankful.

~Favio Morales ’23

A time to be thankful for and for me I am thankful for friends. My friends are a big factor in my life. From being there for me to encouraging and to many more. They are always there for me. I´ve had many people come and go throughout my life but the people I call friends have stuck with me. Through thick and thin there they have been.We have gone through rough times but they have stayed loyal. They are fun to be around whether it is hanging out,playing sports and going out to eat. Their presence is good to be around. Family is also a big part of my life. They are always there for me and encourage me to do good in life. I will always be thankful for them and will always be my #1 reason to succeed. I am thankful for my car. It has been a blessing to have a car to be able to drive around and to school.

~ Carlos Perez ’23

I am thankful for all of the non-stop support and love I get from friends and family. They have helped me in so many ways I could not explain myself. I have taken their love and support and it has made me into who I am today. I am really grateful I was born into a family who continuously loves and protects me no matter what.

~ Natalie Molina ’25

I’m thankful for three main things; my mom, food, and a roof under my head. Being thankful for his mom brings him joy because all of his life, she has brought him up to where he needs to be to succeed. Food is another priority Malachi is thankful for; his favorite food is pizza. It nurtures him and he couldn’t ask for a better comfort method. Last but not least, having a roof over his head provides safety and a lovable home for him and he is thankful for all the opportunities everyone has given him.

~ Malachi Torres ’25

Oliver is thankful for his friends because he appreciates how caring and how sharing his friends are. They feel comfortable sharing their achievements and all around love being around him. He is also thankful for being in school because his education provides him opportunities to strive for more than the average teenager. ROTC is a great thing to be thankful for, it gives him discipline, life lessons, many programs for opportunities, and of course field trips. He is just very thankful for everything that school and friends have provided for him.

~ Oliver Almeida-Renteria ’25

Christian is thankful for his friends, his family by his side, and his pet cats. He tries to give his friends non-stop support, hoping they would give him the same in return. Christian is happy that his sister and his mom are always there to pick him up whenever he is down. Lastly, he is thankful for his pet cats, he couldn’t find anything more comforting than cuddling a precious animal.

~ Christian Martinez ’25

Tyler is thankful for his friends, family, and the opportunity to play football at Hoover High-School. He is thankful for his best friends that always keep him company during hardships and victories. He is grateful to have such a loving and protective family that will do anything for him at the end of the day. Finally, football is one of his main ways to get away from anything negative, it’s his comfort zone and he couldn’ t ask for a better opportunity to bond with so many people.

~ Tyler Molina ’24

I’m grateful for my Mother as well as my father. They are two great parents who have looked after me since the beginning. I feel welcomed at home all the time, and in general I appreciate everything they have done for my well-being. I’m thankful for having a big comfy bed, all my basic necessities, and liberty. Not to forget the teachers, who have worked hard for our success and although many of us may seem ungrateful, we are very thankful deep inside because we know the commitment that is required for that kind of position. I’ll never forget the effort they’ve put into our growth as individuals.

~ Simon Morales ’23

There are many things and aspects in my life that I am thankful for. To start off, I am thankful for my family. They are the ones that brought me up, fed me, sheltered me, and clothed me. Gave me everything that is necessary for my life and well-being. My brothers would always be there to listen to my vents and give me advice, take me out to eat at restaurants to take my mind off of things. My parents work so hard to provide the support needed for all of us. I wouldn’t have done it without them, I am grateful to be born in this family. I feel truly loved and cared for.

~ Kathy Tran ’23

“I am very thankful for my family and friends. I am also grateful to have a roof over my head and a good education. Most importantly, I am thankful for my health overall.”

~ Elvis To ‘24

“I’m thankful for all the people in my life that supported me and helped me to reach the position I’m in currently. There were people there for me at my worst, who saved me in my terrible moments. The wisdom that has been passed on to me provided great use to me, and I’m extremely thankful that I can share it with everyone else who is dear to me. The ability to understand those around me is a gift, and it’ll be a big step for the greater good. There’s always those special individuals I want to be, but the bigger picture of all of this is that I’m thankful for the life I was given, the experiences I went through, and the memories I made along the way.”

~ Andy Le ‘23

“I am thankful for having two parents. I am also thankful for having a job. I am grateful for going to school and to have a good education. There are many children out there that do not have an education.”

~ Joselin Leana Pena ‘23

“I am grateful for the teachers that helped me out in school and that looked out for me. I am also thankful for my siblings who supported me when I was young. They took care of me when my parents were busy working. Lastly, I am grateful for my loyal friends that stayed with me throughout all these years and we still have fun and hang around.”

~ Elizabeth Salgado ‘23

“There are many things to be grateful for. But the main things I’m very grateful for are my friends and family. I’m also grateful for myself, knowing how far I’ve come in life, through thick and thin, I’m proud of who I am today. Grateful for food and money of course. And lastly, I am very grateful for music, especially Bruno Mars because his music physically touches my heart and the pain hurts good.”

~ Jennie Truong ‘23

What am I thankful for? Dang, I wouldn’t even know where to start. All my ups and downs just almost made me change my perspective of what to be grateful for. I’m grateful that I get to breathe. I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful for the culture I’m part of. I’m super thankful for having a roof over my head, food, clothes, and the basic necessities I need like a backpack, a laptop, a phone, headphones and so many more. No matter the hard days there are or how successful people grow up to be in life and never forget where they started. Sure people tell me I take family for granted which is only sometimes their right but at the end of the day, I’m thankful for almost everything even for the littlest things.

~ Gzim Bajrami ’24

I’m thankful for Life, Death, God, Family, Friends, School, A roof over my head, everything basically, and Mr. Heu. Not many people have what you have, some people are less unfortunate. The fact that God is letting me live another day is crazy. Plus life isn’t that bad at all.

~ Erza Bajrami ‘24

I’m thankful for my mom because she sacrificed so much for me, I’m thankful for my brothers for always supporting me and being there for me when I need them, I’m thankful for my friends for always cheering me on, I’m thankful for my pets because they bring me comfort and I’m thankful for God.

~ Christopher Hernandez ‘25

I am thankful for my mother. I am grateful for all the love and support I receive from her. As someone who used to fight and argue with their mother every single day, I am happy that it was just a phase and now we get along so well. I love her and I will give up my life for her. She means the world to me and I just love talking to her everyday , any chance I get. She works so hard and I’m grateful for all her hard work. I’m also thankful for all my friends. How supportive they are with all my crazy decisions. There’s never been a time I’ve felt alone with them by my side. I am incredibly grateful for each and everyone of them. I’m mostly thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had in my life, all the accomplishments I’ve done on my own. I’m slowly becoming an adult and I’m proud of how far I’ve come and all the things I have done at such a young age.

~ Clarisa Garcia ’23

I’m thankful for my family who’s taken care of me my whole life, loved me, and gave me a place to call home. I’m also thankful for being able to live the life I have. Lastly, I’m thankful for the ability to wake up and be better for myself.

~Isaiah Gonzalez

I’m thankful for my family because they’re the only ones that were there for me when I felt like nobody else was there. I’m also very thankful for them because each and everyone of my family members are like my best friends. Lastly, I’m thankful for my family because I can always count on them when it comes to anything and everything.

~ Jalizza Ye ’23

I am thankful for God waking me up everyday. I am thankful for my mother too, for giving me a reason to do better everyday. I am thankful for my sisters for showing me constant love and support. I am thankful for the friends I have and for always looking out for me.

~ Melody Aparicio ’25

I’m thankful for everyone who’s supported me throughout my photography journey. I’m thankful for those who have helped me with getting my car to where it is today. I’m thankful for having a supportive household along with a good group of friends.

~ Ulysses Zepeda

I am thankful for living. Waking up with a roof over my head and having an amazing family that gives me what I want. Having a healthy body and mind. Having the ability to live my life the way I am not being  worried about being in danger, like seeing things on the internet like countries being attacked or worse, watching my own country be destroyed into pieces. I am grateful for being able to walk to school without having to worry about it being dangerous. I’m grateful for having water and food everyday. When you realize what you have you won’t have to always need more in life. I’m grateful for having the opportunities I have and programs with support. I’m grateful for the teachers that spread knowledge and positivity. I’m grateful that I was taught with kindness and gratitude. I’m grateful for religion and culture. Having to be able to read, write and speak all the languages I want. Thankful for college in the future and degrees coming. Having the freedom of learning anything or being able to pick up a book. I’m grateful for having the ability to think about a future without doubts. Having free time with my friends and going out to have fun.

~ Ikram Muhidin ’23

I’m thankful for my family and the life they have provided for me coming to a country that I didn’t speak the language of. I’m also thankful for my friends because they are always there for me whenever I’m sad, and they always have my back whenever I’m angry. One last thing I’m thankful for is the life I have provided for myself being a first generation college bound student and going out of my comfort zone for opportunities, like no other, when it comes to my education and future.

~ Hemen Tewodros Alemu ’23

I’m thankful for those who’ve stayed by my side throughout these years, my closest friends who I’ve shared many laughs and memories with and the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today.

~ Melissa Moreno ’23

I’m thankful for my loved ones. I’m grateful for being able to spend time with them everyday and cherish the moments.

~ Celina Khonn ’23

“What are you thankful for?” It never really comes to mind whenever we live our everyday lives. There are many things we as human beings can be thankful for. Me for example, I am thankful for my loving friends who check up on me whenever I feel sick, my loving family that is always there to support me, I am thankful for the clothes on my body to the shoes on my feet, I am thankful for the food on the table, I am thankful for the precious memories I have made throughout my life especially during my highschool years, and I am thankful for technology allowing me to stay in touch with friends and family who live far. These are few of the many things I could possibly be thankful for, but many others could be thankful for different things.

~ Alejandra Ramirez ’25

I am thankful for my family and my success in school because it has not been an easy journey for me. Although I was failing in the past, I worked my hardest to get to the path I am on now with all As.

~ Aichel Aguirre ’25

I am thankful for the people I have met and the people I have in my life, even the people I do not get along with anymore  because they have changed who I am as a person and taught me different lessons in life

~ Christian Martinez ’25

I am thankful for money and my close friends, and I say money because it has brought opportunities for me to make memories with my friends like going out to eat with them.

~ Arturo Alarcon ’25