Attached to the “hip”


Ashley Corrales, Staff Writer

Now that I think about it, I seriously cannot live without my phone. Every second of the day, I carry my phone around whether I need it or not. Even my parents know it and will not hesitate to take it away if I’m using it too much. Although I do use it for unnecessary things at times, I have my reasons as to why my phone is important to me.

When I want to listen to music, I’ll grab my phone and use Spotify. If I want to learn more about how to keep my face clean, I’ll open up Instagram and search for products and advice on skincare. If I want to laugh, Tiktok got me. Bored? I can just play Roblox or something. There’s so much to do on a phone, the possibilities are endless.

My phone comes in handy especially when I’m in class. If the teacher is talking too fast and I can’t keep up with the notes, I can use my phone to take pictures of those notes on the board. Sometimes I need to shop for things as well, which is why I love my phone. If I’m going to shop for a book in-store for example, I’ll use my phone to check if my nearby Barnes and Noble has the book. If it’s out of stock, I can check another online store, which 90% of the time has it. This applies for clothes too, but you’d have to do a lot of digging to find a rare top, for example.

I can think of many things using my phone would be the solution to. ANYTHING (I think)!!!