AOTW ~ Myesha Frank


Jesus Gastelum, Staff Writer

Myesha Frank is a sophomore on the girls varsity basketball, and has a GPA 3.5.  She was inspired to play basketball by her two older brothers who she has really built a great bond with. They help her practice with her moves whenever they can and she finds it really helpful as it shows on the court. She also loves basketball because it means that she has extra curricular activity and thinks the sport is fun. Not only is she a star on the court, she is also a star in the academic league Myesha goes to school for 8 hours and has basketball practice for 2 hours after school. She still keeps up with her school work.

Not only does Myesha play basketball she also plays tennis. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She was inspired to help people in need. The hardest thing she finds about basketball is the motivation when you lose. She motivates herself by playing as hard as she can and practicing hard. In a recent game, Myesha scored 20 points and had 11 steals.  She has hopes for the future of the team for them to make CIF and hopefully win.