There’s still time…


Kathy Tran, Associate Editor

As the holiday seasons arise, people gather all around stores to find the perfect gift for their loved ones and friends. Every person has different tastes, different items and things that have a great meaning to them. There are a variety of gifts under $20 that have great meaning. General gifts that people would give to others at this time of the year. If you’re struggling to figure out the perfect gift for someone but you’re on a budget, here are some holiday gift ideas under $20 that are very popular!

People enjoy eating and drinking, everyone has different favorite foods. Knowing what the person you plan on gifting their favorite things to eat and drink is the first step in getting this kind of gift. There are a variety of foods that can be gifted that are less than $20. For example, if the people you are gifting have a sweet tooth, going with chocolates, cookies, and hot chocolate drinks would be good ideas. When we think of the cold holidays, hot chocolate is always the way to go, as well as chocolate.

Not interested in buying food and drinks as gifts for your person? There are multiple other ideas to gift those you love. There are many necessities that people use and need. In this cold weather, people need warm clothing to keep them cozy and comfortable. Socks, sweaters, beanies, and hoodies are other gifting ideas. Stores such as Walmart, Target, and Kohls are good stores to find these items under the price of $20. Another necessity you can go for are mugs and cups. People enjoy sipping warm drinks in mugs during these chilly holidays.

Letters are another thing. Meaningful written letters, in your own handwriting could mean a lot to the person you’re planning on giving it to. You can pour in all your emotions, wishes, and gratitude into these letters. All you need to do is buy a blank letter card, along with decorations such as stickers and ribbons that will only be under $10 or even less. Lastly, candles and perfumes. The warm and scented candles set up the mood and vibe for the holidays. There are multiple perfumes that are less than $20 sold at Bath & Body Works.

It is important to know the likes of the person you’re planning on gifting first before actually buying them. Knowing what kind of scent they like, taste they have, and what kind of person they are in general. These are some gift ideas under $20 for the holidays that people like.