We could all use a little peace right now


Simon Morales, Staff Writer

To me, Peace on Earth means being at peace with each other even during difficult times that may divide us. More than anything we have to be at peace with our own selves, so we can spread that positive energy around the earth little by little until it becomes a better place.

We shouldn’t be fighting over resources which we could all share. I find it silly how countries are at war over materialistic things that hold less value than a human life. Our goal should be on finding friendlier approaches when solving controversial issues rather than immediately jumping into a tank as soon as we dislike an idea or movement. Many people currently display a bad temper and they don’t think twice before committing an irreversible act.

Sometimes I question the system that partakes in political changes. There are public figures with a well-known temperament who are given the power to lead a country and it bewilders me. To achieve exponential global change we have to accept each other’s ideas or at least give them a chance to unfold and respect them as long as they don’t cross the line. Society carries around an enormous ego which has ultimately decided negative major events throughout history. If only we could leave our ego at the front door before exiting our homes, certain comments wouldn’t affect us.