AOTW ~ Carlos Montez


Jesus Gastelum, Senior Writer

Carlos Montez is a sophomore on the Hoover varsity soccer team. He has a GPA of 3.7 and manages his grades and soccer by doing all of his work in class and after practic.  Each day, he has practice for two hours after school. Not only does he play right back, but he also plays football in his free time. He loves to stay active whenever he can. His relationship with the team is splendid as he sees them everyday and considers them a second family. He has been playing soccer since he was six and his dad put him into a team. Ever since his dad passed away, he has been playing for him and hopes to become a proffesional soccer player for his dad.

As his second option for the future, he wants to become a chef. His grandma inspired him to be a chef and his favorite dish to cook is any type of pasta. He hopes to play soccer in college if the opportunity presents itself. Some of his hobbies include to go to the gym and cooking. He also hope to go to college as he wants to make his parents proud. His hope for the soccer team to make a deep run with soccer team, and hopefully win CIF in his last 2 years.