Who will it be?


Sophia Leyva, Staff Writer

Where’s our principal?

This is the big question going around school right now. Prior to the 2022-2023 school year, Mr. Babineau was principal at Hoover High School for six years. After the class of 2022, he had decided to resign as principal and take another position with the district. Over the summer, staff and admin had held interviews to find a good fit for a new principal. On August 11, a community panel was held and could not decide on a new principal. In the meantime, an experienced administrator, Walter Fairley will take the role of being Hoover’s principal until the job is filled.  The start of the school year led to a rocky start as students had to adjust and so did the staff but the new administrators have shown good leadership to Hoover.

On October 17th, there was another round of interviews for a principal and people were able to join and state their opinions. The position for a principal still remains a mystery as the district and staff are trying to find a good fit. The new principal has big shoes to fill as Mr. Babinea was a great role model to students and demonstrated good school spirit to the students. Hopefully soon the school finds a good fit for our new principal and the students will be able to welcome him or her with open arms.