Strength through vulnerablility


Natalie Molina, Staff Writer

My favorite movie that I can watch over and over again is Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir.  Robin Williams(John Keating) and Robert Sean Leonard(Neil Perry)were the main characters of Dead Poets Society which came out in 1989. The story is about a young teenage boy who tries to find his true self through poetry; he makes friends along the way and ultimately suffers anguish from his dominant father. The movie has won many awards such as the Academy Award for Writing, BAFTA Award for the Best Film, NME Award for Best Film, and so much more.

I love the movie Dead Poets Society because it brings so much emotion and personal perspective on someone who is suffering from trying to be great for everyone. Neil goes through despair in trying to be the perfect teenage boy for his father, but ends up giving his life away too soon. Before all that, he finds true friends and an amazing poet teacher that guides him through finding himself through his poems. They stand on their desks and demand their attentions to be averted towards the speaker. They include another teenage boy, Todd Anderson(Ethan Hawke), trying to find himself. Todd is a awkward, unsociable teenage who got accepted into this high all-boys private school. He slowly makes friends with Neil  and the rest of their friend group. As the teacher, John Keating tries unique methods to get his students outside of their comfort zones; and to break whatever pressures them.

Robin Williams has always been one of my most adored actors of all time. His acting, the way he can change character at a snap of a finger, shows credibility in his self. Williams has suffered through depression all through his life and he covered it up with acting, it was his passion before he sadly passed away. His death will always have me remember Dead Poets Society, always in a good way. His death reflects how the characters felt due to the pressure that was brought to them. It shows strength but also vulnerability.