This could be the future


Jesus Gastelum, Senior Writer

My favorite show to binge watch is The Walking Dead.  It’s currently streaming on Netflix but you can watch season 11 on Direct TV. I sorta stopped watching it because it was more of people vs people instead of people vs zombies.

When I first started watching the show, it was so amazing…like I’d never seen anything like it. The zombies were realistic and the story behind it was amazing. Basically it’s about a police officer named Rick Grimes, who was shot during a shoot out and placed into a coma for little over a month.  During that time, the zombie apocalypse happened and the world has been overrun by zombies. He was the only one from the hospital to survive. The first few episodes revolved around him trying to find his family. Rick travels alone to Atlanta before finding his wife Lori, son Carl, and his police partner and best friend Shane Walsh in the woods with other survivors. However, before Rick’s arrival, Lori was pregnant with Shane’s child and she can’t let Rick find out which causes multiple problems to happen.  That is the beginning of this series which is in its eleventh season.

The reason I like this show so much is because I was into zombies at this time and this was the most realistic it could get. Of course until season 10 where it became humans versus humans. Another reason I liked it was because it is the most comic accurate book coming to life, sort of like a zombie. Everything was spot on, from the characters to the story line. Overall, I recommend you watch this series because you won’t regret it.