Vinh Dao


Kathy Tran, Fashion Editor

Vinh Dao is a sophomore student at Hoover High School. Born on New Year’s Day, January 1st, Vinh is a proud member of the AOIT academy. He recently started to play badminton, something he always wanted to try out and ended up loving it. Though a bit stiff, he is getting there. Vinh also goes to the gym a lot, almost everyday and loves to cook. Video gaming and reading are also a few of Vinh’s hobbies, he loves to play with his friends and read online books.

During his free time, Vinh hops online to watch anime and kdramas. One of his favorite anime of all time is “Nichijou,” a comedy anime. It is a hidden gem anime that is very good according to Vinh that only has one season. A kdrama Vinh enjoys watching is “A Love so Beautiful,” a romance kdrama. He enjoys watching this kdrama because it has a very good plot and many cute and lovely scenes that he believes other people would like too.

A cook himself, some of Vinh’s favorite foods include sushi and ramen. Not the ramen from package ramen noodles, the fancy ones you see at restaurants. He also enjoys eating poke, a very delicious Hawaiian dish and tacos, especially adobadas. Vinh’s favorite music genre ranges from many but currently he listens to R&B the most. He recommends some artists like “Numcha,” “Lamp,” and “HYBS.”

Vinh is a very dedicated and hardworking student with many dreams and goals. One thing that he wants to do in the future is to pursue a career in the computer science field. Vinh hopes to get a full ride scholarship to UCSD and to work towards becoming a software engineer. He hopes to see himself in a good position in the future. He himself is his own motivation to keep moving forward.