Stuck in the middle


Brandon Antunez, Senior Writer

Malcolm in the Middle was an American family television sitcom. The show premiered on January 9,2000 and ended on May 14, 2006. The show lasted for 7 seasons with 151 episodes. The show contained the main characters of Malcolm played by Frankie Muniz, Hal played by Bryan Craston, Dewey played by Erik Per Sullivan, Lois played by Jane Kaczmarek, Reese played by Justin Berflied and Francis played by Christopher Masterson.

The show is about Malcolm’s life with his family. As the show goes by, we see how their everyday life is like and how the sons, Malcolm, Francis, Reese, and Dewy, grow up. Malcolm is a smart teen who tries to survive life with his dysfunctional family. The show shows how the kids grow up through middle school into high school.

I enjoy watching the show because it is entertaining. At times it’s so random but interesting. There can be times where the kids are in tricky situations and they somehow get away from it, even though they are young teens. My favorite character would be Dewey, the youngest of the four brothers. The way he speaks is very funny. My favorite episode would have to be when it was the day after Halloween.  The oldest brother, Francis, came home from military school. At first, Malcolm, Dewey and Reese were all sad because they weren’t able to do their usual Halloween activities with their older brother being away in military school. But when he came home, they did their usual activities like making a huge slingshot to shoot big balloons out of. The balloons contained all types of weird stuff like shaving cream and rotten ingredients.

The services that stream Malcolm in the Middle are Hulu and Roku TV. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes 2000’s shows. It really brings up nostalgia. People who haven’t seen it would enjoy it because they might also be high school students and would relate to some of the events and moments they went through.