Makes your hair stand on end!


Kathy Tran, Fashion Editor

Being a huge horror fan, the movie that stood out to me the most is The Conjuring, which is a 2013 American supernatural horror, thriller, and mystery film directed by James Wan, that really captivates me.

The Conjuring takes place in Rhode Island during the 18th century where a family, Roger and Carolyn with their five daughters, were allegedly possessed by spirits and ghosts. This was a true event told by Ed and Lorraine Warren and was made into a movie to show the world that supernatural occurrences exist.

The main actors of the movie are Ed and Lorraine Warren, the spirit hunters, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. In 1971, a family of seven, Roger and Carolyn with their five daughters moved into a new house with their dog Sadie. A few days in, Sadie their dog died and unusual occurrences began to happen. The clock stopped exactly at 3:07AM and Lorraine waking up with bruises. They sensed that there was a malevolent spirit so they contacted the spirit investigators, Ed and Lorraine. It turned out that the land was possessed by a witch before and Ed and Lorraine were quick to save the family.

The Conjuring is considered to be the most successful horror movie in history, and was nominated for the Empire Award for Best Horror, Critics´ Choice Movie Award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie, and the Bandung Film Festival for Commendable Imported Horror Film. Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston, who starred as Carolyn and Roger Perron, won the Chainsaw and Fright Meter awards for being the best supporting actor and actress. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson who starred as Ed and Lorraine Warren also won the Fright Meter awards for being the best actor and actress. The movie in general also won the Fright Meter award for the best horror movie, best special effects, and best cinematography.

I really enjoyed watching The Conjuring because it has an interesting plot line that captivates the audience. The special effects are also out of this world, it felt very real. I watch a lot of horror movies and I would say the best one is The Conjuring. There are many jump scares which I really like and the actors and actresses were on point. I would 100% recommend this film to people who like horror movies.