Forget the fast and furious…


Simon Morales, Senior Writer

It’s quite difficult to say what my all-time favorite movie is, I’ve watched so many throughout my life which makes the decision even harder. If I had to choose one though I’d probably pick Turbo, because of how many times I watched it growing up as a kid.

The plot revolves around a snail, known as Theo, who aspires to be the greatest racer. Theo, later called Turbo, was raised with other normal snails in a garden but he wanted to be different then the rest. He wanted to make the impossible possible. After one day accidentally becoming stuck inside a street racing car, the driver turned on the vehicle’s nitro boost and the chamber Turbo ended up in was flooded with nitrous oxide. It automatically granted him superspeed, which later helped him accomplish his dream of becoming the greatest racer.

I think I liked this film so much growing up because I’ve never wanted to be successful in my adulthood at something easily obtainable. I have always aspired to outshine my competition at something unlikely to be achieved by even the greatest. Since the plot of the movie revolves around an underdog story, it is very inspiring and relatable up until the part where he actually succeeds. Nevertheless, the movie was nominated for the Anime Award, Golden Trailer Awards, Satellite Awards, plus the British Academy Children’s Awards. As for the Black Reel Awards in which they were also featured in, Samuel L. Jackson who voiced Whiplash, the leader of the Starlight Plaza Snail crew, won the Best Voice Performance Award. The film also features the voices of Ryan Reynolds as Turbo, Paula Giamatti as Chet, Turbo’s older brother, and Snoop Dog as Smoove Move, a flexible snail.

Many critique the film for being unoriginal but overall, in my humble opinion, I’d say it was unique due to how it involved snails and not so much humans like other movies that follow a similar idea.