AOTW ~ Camilla Pereyda


Jesus Gastelum, Senior Writer

Camila Peneyda is a senior and the goalkeeper for the Hoover girls varsity soccer team. She has a grade point average of 3.3. Since her season ended, the most difficult thing was that the team had a lot of disagreements but in the end they all pulled through together and made magic happen. She was hoping they would make it to CIF but sadly they didn’t make her hopes. Not only is she a star on the field, she is also a star in the classrooms with completing most of her work in her classes and if she doesn’t complete them in class, she stays up until all her work is done.

She hopes to become a criminal psychologist in the future. A bunch of Netflix series inspired her to pursue that career. In her free time she likes to write, listen to music, and do her work. Her favorite artists are J Cole, and Frank Ocean. She inspires herself to play soccer because she likes to push herself and prove everyone wrong. She would like to continue to play soccer if she is given the opportunity.