The History Behind the Hover Board

Amie Muller, Staff Writer

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Everyone would think that a hover board is a levitating board used for transportation. However, this device has recently become popular worldwide, although it isn’t a levitating board, it is portable, rechargeable battery powered, hands-free scooter used for personal transportation. There are so many different names for the device, but some people call it a Hover board because while you are riding it, it feels as if they are hovering over off the floor a couple of inches.

The so-called Hover board typically has two wheels side by side with two sensor pads between the wheels where the rider stands. The sensor pads detects when the rider leans in a certain direction, then the electric motor spins the wheels to move in that direction. The hover board uses the same technology that a Segway. Removing the handlebars allows the hover board to be more portable and more compact.

The first hover board was created in China in 2014. Shane Chen has made an early claim of inventing the device. Although, Shane Chen claimed to being the inventor, no one is sure. By 2015, the device became very popular in the United States.

The device was made for easier and more personal transportation. However, some people believe that the device will not benefit the public in any way. Some believe that it will only make people stop wanting to walk to their destination and use their hover board instead. They think that people will get lazier and won’t get the exercise that they need.

The hover boards have recently been questioned about its safety. Ever since September of 2015, there have been several injuries. Some reports claim that there were defective batteries that have either short-circuited or have overheated, causing the device to explode. The explosions have led to lawsuits in Louisiana and Alabama.

Although the so-called hover board Segway is not what everyone expected it to be, it still satisfies consumers. There have been so many great reviews of the product. If you are planning on buying one, the price ranges from $400-$1,800 depending on what type of hover board you get.

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