Respect your bathroom, respect your school


Aileen Velasco, Staff Writer

A school bathroom is used multiple times a day by students. Many people like to go to the bathroom in a clean and sanitary place. As of lately, the girls bathroom has been in a dire state. As students enter the bathroom expecting to be in a clean and peaceful environment, they enter an appalling sight.

Toilet paper and hygiene products are found on the floor and wall, as well as sinks flooded with water. As we are in highschool already, we are expected to be mindful of shared spaces. Also custodians who stay after school, and clean the bathrooms everyday, students who leave a mess and think “It’s their job to clean” are not mindful and make a mess.  This is wrong. Do you leave your own bathroom like this?

Each morning students arrive to clean bathrooms and by the end of the day leave them trashed. Although it may not be all students, everyone should still be cautious to keep a clean space as well. It is not sanitary to leave hygiene products on walls or floors. The state of the bathroom also projects how students treat school property. Not only that, but sanitation in the bathroom is important as well. A dirty bathroom can lead to exposure to many bacteria, such as E coli, Hepatitis, salmonella and other diseases. The scary part is some students sit on the floor in the bathrooms.

That is why I also think the school bathrooms should be cleaned more frequently as well. Many students use the bathroom throughout the day but it is only cleaned once. It is important for communal spaces to be sanitized. Students should be more vigilant as they use bathrooms. To add on, the bathroom should be cleaned more often throughout the day to avoid accumulated bacteria. Also, soap dispensers should be checked occasionally as many people use them and the dispenser runs out during the day. Bacteria can easily be spread in shared spaces. However, next time anyone uses a bathroom, they should just be more respectful and cautious.