Another open gate would be helpful


Simon Morales, Senior Writer

Most of the previously opened gates are closed this year and it’s been difficult for a lot of students because it forces everyone to squeeze through one small entrance.

Suppose an emergency took place around the time frames in which students were entering or leaving, the consequences could be detrimental. According to school faculty, the entrances were reduced to one in order to increase campus safety as well as to limit who gets on and off campus. This in a way backfired, since now students who lived closer to the closed gates have to make the effort of going all the way around. This is time-consuming, and then once you finally get there you meet the initial problem, which is student traffic.

I imagine this increases the number of tardies and it isn’t convenient for both the students and the school. On the other hand, I could also see why the switch of gates was seen as the better idea, despite the reason already suggested by faculty. For instance, by reducing the number of open gates you can have the staff who would usually supervise them, on some other duty around campus. I think balance is needed for it to all work out.

If we could have at least another open gate on the further side of campus like we did a few years ago, it would be better for everyone in the long run.