Ms. Eyer

The staff at The Cardinal express who their most influential teachers are in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!


Chloe Ly, Senior Writer

Throughout my education, there have been many teachers who have created a big, positive impact on my life. One of the most influential teachers for me is Ms. Cassandra Eyer. Ms. Eyer is my current math teacher. Initially, I was terrified of taking AP Calculus AB because the subject seemed very complicated and I was worried I would not understand the material very well as it is a subject I am weaker in. However, Ms. Eyer has been extremely patient and supportive throughout the school year, making it her top priority to teach each unit in a way that makes it more understandable. Through her teaching, she has made AP Calculus less intimidating and more enjoyable as a class. As I often have questions and need help in the class, she is always dedicated to helping her students whether it is during tutoring after school or at lunch in her classroom. Additionally, I really appreciate how she acknowledges that mistakes are welcomed and natural for us as humans, giving us a second chance to look over our work and reteaching parts of the lesson that we found confusing. With senioritis hitting as we head towards the end of the school year, her bright energy lights up the entire room and energizes us students for our preparation for the AP exam.