Ms. Westfall

The staff at The Cardinal express who their most influential teachers are in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!


Isabella Hernandez, Staff Writer

One of the most influential teachers to me is Ms. Westfall. Ms Westfall never fails to make her class a positive and comfortable space. I had Ms. Westfall’s advanced biology class last year and enjoyed my time a lot even though it was only one semester long. During the class, there were a lot of times where I didn’t understand what we were learning and Ms Westfall was always super helpful and patient. She was super flexible when it came to due dates and homework as well. During every project or activity in the class, Ms. Westfall was always enthusiastic and happy and made the projects feel much more fun. Everyone I know that has also had Ms. Westfall has spoken very highly of her and a lot of them said her biology class has been one of their favorite classes ever. Ms. Westfall also shows a lot of school spirit and is very proud and happy to be a teacher here at Hoover. Even though I took her class last year, I still remember how she made me enjoy science and biology way more than I did previously. I never had any interest in that, but Ms. Westfall completely changed that with her teaching.