Mr. Miller

The staff at The Cardinal express who their most influential teachers are in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!


Alejandra Ramirez, Junior Editor

Since Mr. Miller became the music director, students have felt more engaged and excited to play. Many of his students have said that the performing arts elective has become more fun than last year. While I was playing in orchestra last year, I did not feel the excitement or joy of playing and I easily forgot what I learned. I have not joined the orchestra class ever since, but I have seen how fun and upbeat Mr. Miller is and I can tell he loves doing what he does and not just because he has to, so it made me consider joining again. My friends who are in his classes always tell me fun stories about what happens in his class and how funny he is. I have heard how much better the classes are this year with him. I have talked to him a couple of times and he has such a positive and funny personality. I have seen how fun and engaged he is in the school events and games we play and while playing with the bands. Even though I do not have him as a teacher right now, I can tell what a great teacher he is.