Mr. Heu

The staff at The Cardinal express who their most influential teachers are in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!


Ema Morales, Staff Writer

Mr. Heu is the theater and yearbook teacher at Hoover, and has been working at Hoover for 17 years. His first year in Hoover he taught English. Mr.Heu is one of the most caring teachers at Hoover. He is really laid back and has created some beautiful bonds with his students, and actually cares and takes importance into what his students have to say. I’m not one to create bonds with teachers, but Mr. Heu is really inspiring and funny. He is a teacher you can count on to talk, listen or even just for a laugh.

Mr. Heu is a really understanding person. It’s really sweet how he genuinely cares for his students and always wants what’s best for them. His way of teaching and interacting with the class is great because you learn so much while having fun and he also helps you prepare for the real life in the world. I met Mr. Heu my freshman year. I was going through some things and he would always check up on me. This year I got lucky and have him for two classes. Overall Mr. Heu is a really amazing teacher. I appreciate him for all his hard work, dedication, and humor.