Saad Omar


Simon Morales, Senior Writer

Saad Omar is part of the Class of 2023.  He is a Somali immigrant who came to America in 2017. He started taking ELD (English Language Development) when he first came to Hoover and now,in his senior year, he’s taking AP English. This indicates that he had to work hard to improve his English to get there. He is aiming to go to the University of California San Diego. It demonstrates that he pursued one of the biggest universities in California.

Currently, his future goal is to become an engineer.  His favorite food is injera which is an Ethiopian dish. When it comes to being outdoors in general, his interests are sports, and loves to be active in soccer, basketball, football, running and bodybuilding. His other interests are cinematography. On the weekend he works with different programs to make different types of films and photography.

Saad has used his adroitness to help Hoover High, he photographed pictures of senior students for one of Hoover’s top programs. In his junior year, Saad joined and participated in more than five programs at Hoover. Saad continues to be an outstanding individual driven by purpose with an unrelenting energy of passion in education and his future goals.