These people have no shame!


Aileen Velasco, Staff Writer

One thing about me is when I get interested in a show, I’ll watch it non-stop until I finish it. I love the feeling of excitement to get to the next episode.

A show I’m currently binge watching is Shameless. At first, I wasn’t too interested in watching it because it already had many seasons. But then one random day I was bored and decided to just watch it. Once I watched the first episode I was hooked onto it. I just got to season 5 yesterday and so far, I can say it’s an interesting show.

The show is about this family who just go through many hardships. The dad, Frank Gallagher,  is an alcoholic so the oldest daughter, Fiona Gallager, has to step up and support her other five siblings. I believe the show is interesting because so much goes on that makes you think how are they even surviving. I also think the show is enjoyable to others because it includes many topics like comedy, drama, and crazy situations. The show often leaves me in shock because the episodes are just crazy. The show is rated “R” because it shows elements of drug use, addiction, and there is some nudity. There are many times when I have to skip because it can be too much, which is one flaw I believe the show has.

Personally, I believe the show has absorbing storylines that keep you watching. I’m also not much of a show critic so I’ll watch anything that keeps me entertained and don’t look too deep into it. I would definitely recommend this show to those who enjoy watching drama and aren’t too sensitive to certain jokes because the show does include dark humor. I can’t fully base an opinion on the whole show since I haven’t finished it but so far it has become one of my favorites and has kept me watching.