Creating fearless music


Isabella Hernandez, Staff Writer

Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known as Tyler, the Creator was born in Hawthorne California on March 6th 1991. Growing up, he never knew his father, and attended 12 different schools throughout his school years.

Tyler co-founded a hip-hop group called Odd Future, which is short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, in 2007. They self-debuted their first mixed tape as a group in November 2008. However, starting in 2011, Tyler started gaining the attention of multiple iconic figures in the music industry such as Rick Ross and Jay-z. Tyler and the rest of Odd Future then experienced their first ounce of success when they signed a deal with Sony in 2011. On September 8th 2011, Tyler announced that Odd Future would be getting their own TV show titled “Loiter Squad” that lasted three seasons and consisted of different comedy sketches and pranks.

Fast forward to January 26th 2020, after multiple albums and TV appearances, Tyler won his first Grammy award in the Best Rap Album category. Although grateful, he continued to criticize the Grammy’s and call the rap category “a backhanded compliment”. In 2022, he began promotions for his sixth studio album Call Me If You Get Lost which led Tyler to continue with his streak after winning his second Grammy in the Best Rap Album category once again.

Tyler is known for the uniqueness of his sound and the variety in his music. Tyler is a big fan of horror movies and has said the genre has been a big inspiration for his music in the past. Tyler continues to be experimental and fearless when it comes to the rap industry, with each album pushing boundaries when it comes to sound, music video aesthetics, etc. Overall Tyler spreads originality in his genre, and will definitely lead the path for newer artists who want to express themselves similarly.