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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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An education is needed now more than ever


Education is the foundation upon which plays a pivotal role and is in charge of shaping the futures of individuals and societies. The education system prepares, educates, and helps students thrive and become successful in the real world.

Society is rapidly changing and it is evident that the education system does a marvelous job in preparing its students for upcoming challenges and future success. I believe it is important to prioritize your education and take it very seriously to better foster your development and properly prepare for the challenges you may face up ahead later on in life. Education is crucial to achieve a secure future and a stable life. A few benefits out of many are earning a rewarding salary and having a good social reputation. All because you went to school and are an educated person.

In today’s world the more educated you are the better, as an educated person more doors will be open to you and you’ll have many more career options to choose from along with the chances of landing a high paying job being much higher compared to someone who isn’t. Not only does being educated benefit you in the workforce, it helps you grow as a person as well. Being in school you will learn to not depend on others and help yourself when help isn’t available, eventually making you self dependent. Meaning you’ll have the skills to solve problems and make the right decisions on your own by yourself, which as we grow older and learn to live independently these skills are critical.

Education plays a huge role in society, and being educated will make you a useful part of society. An educated member of society has a better chance of making contributions to the community and being an active member in ongoing changes all throughout.

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About the Contributor
Cynthia Navarro
Cynthia Navarro, Staff Writer

Cynthia Navarro is a student currently attending her junior year at Hoover highschool and was born on April 9th, to her Salvadoran parents Evelyn and Carlos Navarro who immigrated to San Diego, California in the late 90’s bringing their dreams of giving their children a life full of opportunities with them.

Cynthia loves putting her creativity to work by using most if not all of her free time doing anything art or music related. She spends lots of her time playing the violin, piano, and guitar because it gives her a sense of solitude. If she could pick a place to spend the rest of her life at, it would definitely be the beach. She loves diving into the crashing waves and the feeling of the sand against her feet while on walks full of sunsets.

Cynthia's goals for the 2023-24 school year are to stay on top of all of her classes to the best of her abilities and get more involved at school. She also wishes to try and come out of her shell more and make the effort to talk to new people outside of the circle she's currency in. Around new people she may not say much or even look up at them but around her friends she's the complete opposite, she goes from being the quietest one in the room to being more than loud especially when around her best friend Alejandra.