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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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Guillermo Tellez


Guillermo Tellez is a 15 year old boy who is currently in 10th grade and is in the class of 2026. He was born in December, has two siblings; an older sister and an older brother who is the middle child. His favorite thing to eat is spaghetti and his favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox. He enjoys challenges because he likes to see what he can handle not only physically but also what he can handle mentally. His favorite game to play is Titanfall 2 which he plays on his Xbox One, and even though he has a PS4 that he plays Spider-man on, he prefers the Xbox One controller over the PS4 controller. When asked about his strengths and weaknesses, he did not want to tell his strengths because he thinks it sounds cocky, but one of his greatest weaknesses is being social, because “interacting with new people is very difficult for me”.

In his free time Guillermo likes to practice the drums. Though he doesn’t own a drumset he owns his own sticks, and either uses the sticks on his knees or bed. His favorite musician is Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, a professional drummer who passed away in 2009. Jimmy played for the metal band named “Avenged Sevenfold”, which is also Guillermo’s favorite band. Guillermo strives to one day be like Jimmy. His goals here at Hoover is to pass school and graduate. He plans to go to college, but as of right now he does not know which college he would like to go to. He would like to major in engineering, “I like math and engineers make good money.”

Guillermo is a very chill guy and funny, and he doesn’t judge. He talks like he has an old soul and likes to try new things.

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Belen Alonso
Belen Alonso, Staff Writer

Belen Alonso is a sophomore who played varsity soccer last year and hopes to play again this upcoming season. Soccer makes Belen feel at home and comfortable. Belen likes to “run in the field like a silly goose”- Dhalia Arrianga. She loves the feeling of when the cool air hits her and especially likes it when she gets to play games in the rain. This makes her feel a certain way because the feeling of the water falling on her keeps her refreshed, and she thinks of movie scenes. Belen loves cloudy days even if she might complain about them. Sometimes she loves them. The feeling that it gives off is just a “magical” feeling. She is very indecisive when it comes to certain things except for food. Belen is a food fan and loves Filibertos taco shop.

To change the world Belen wants to not litter as much. She says that even though this is a small thing to do, it contributes to the stop of climate change. Her reasoning behind it is that pollution contributes to pollution so if she stops littering as much she can be part of the cause to stop pollution and better the world. Society can focus on themselves and what they do instead of trying to check everybody else. Belen says that you can only help others if you have helped yourself first.