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The student news site of Hoover High School

The Cardinal

The student news site of Hoover High School

The Cardinal


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Checkout the 2024 yearbook cover


The publications staff of Hoover High School started working on this year’s yearbook a few weeks into the school year.  The 2024 theme is “People Will Talk.”

After a staff discussion which included how social media plays an important part of students’ everyday lives, whatever is shown on Instagram or Tik Tok is what students will believe, and “talk about.”  It was decided that in spite of what people may say, or what is published on social media, Hoover High School has some of the most amazing programs and opportunities for students.  There are a number of staff members who go out of their way to help students succeed.  Hoover has academies that offer students concentrated studies in areas that interest them.  There are clubs and sports students can participate in, either during or after school. There are a number of community partnerships that are only offered at Hoover.

So people may talk, but unless you have actually been on Hoover’s campus, it’s all just talk, because “People Will Talk.”  Currently, the yearbook is $70 and can be bought through the finance office.  The price will go up to $75 in March.  Also, seniors can purchase senior dedication ads in the following sizes:  full color page $120, 1/2 page $60, 1/4 page $30.  The deadline for senior ads is February 29.  You can purchase these through the finance office as well.

Did we mention that they make excellent holiday and birthday gifts?

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About the Contributor
Natalie Molina
Natalie Molina, Junior Editor

Natalie Molina is a junior in Hoover High School. Her birthday is March 21st and she enjoys hanging out with friends, and still playing Animal Crossing but barely. Music brings Natalie peace and helps her disconnect from the outside world. This is her 2nd year of yearbook and excited to be an editor!

Natalie and friends are in a so-so situation for her. She either wants to be alone or needs someone to hang with. Being a massive introvert comes with its hardships but a gateway of opportunity. She tries to make everyone satisfied with how she behaves, but at the same time, she loves to be open to any funny, silly situation.

Although sports are not something she excels in, she really depends on academics as one of her safe places. If Natalie understands the curriculum, she excels in that category. Anything academic, Natalie is a scholar. No matter how hard it is or even how easy it is, she tries her best and works hard to achieve the highest she can receive.

She isn't excited about her junior year at the moment but hopefully, she can change herself for the better like she hopes to. With all the obstacles in her way, she breaks through them with help and support from everyone around her.