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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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Second-Hand clothing is just as good!


Thrifting is greatly important to me because it’s a more sustainable way to get clothing at very affordable prices.

When people shop at thrift and second-hand stores, they help the earth by saving clothes from going into landfills which then end up creating harmful gasses that are released and contribute to climate change. Thrifting is also a great way to source good quality clothing, and much lower prices, that you can’t find in any mall or stores. It can be considered a different form of recycling.

Thrifting can be a staple of teens’ clothing.  Due to a high rise in sustainable clothing fashion trends spreading through social media, 46% of teens throughout the nation are visiting thrift stores for clothing.

Another reason thrifting is great is because it’s a way to find clothes from different generations. Many new trends arose in the past months and most of them revolve over 2000s fashion. Therefore thrifting is a great way to source clothing from these generations.
Thrifting helps teens save money because of how affordable the clothing is. Thrifting is important because although some teens might not have much money for clothing, they will greatly benefit by being able to obtain clothes of a certain style they love, and high end labels, for so much less. Some popular brands to look out for while thrifting are Ed Hardy, Southpole, Rock Revival jeans, Affliction, Bebe, True Religion, Ralph Lauren, and so much more.

Thrifting is a great way for the teens of this generation to show their support for the safety and wellbeing of the environment by keeping textiles out of our landfills and keep our air fresh without any harmful gasses that will cause health problems.

Stores worth checking out:


Amvets Thrift Store

Buffalo Exchange

Flashbacks Recycled Fashions

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About the Contributor
Fidel Cabrera
Fidel Cabrera, Media Designer
Fidel Cabrera is a 16 years old Latino junior that attends Hoover High School in San Diego California. He comes from a small town in Durango, Mexico which he visits regularly. His goals for the future is to become a cosmetic nurse and attend nursing school after high school. The reason for this career is he wants to be able to help people improve themselves in a way that will make them more confident in there bodies. What inspires him to achieve that career is his parents. He wants to be able to give them a better life with a new income and support them financially so they can retire and he also wants to make them proud. Fidels favorite food is tacos, and though he really loves all kinds, his favorite taco spot is Tacos El Gordo. Fidel loves listening to music, and his favorite artist is Alex G.  He really loves all his music His favorite song of his is "Race" and Race is also his favorite album. Fidel also enjoys Alex Gs newer album God Save the Animals which he says is also a really good album. What he thinks he could do to the change the world is start a non profit charity once he has establishes a new career with a stable income, the non profit charity would be to help first gen Latino students with expenses such as college application fees. To make the world a better place Fidel believes society should come together to create a way to end climate change to keep planet earth safe.