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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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Have you ever been doxxed?


Social Media may be great for people to communicate, but may encourage online abuse. It is a complex issue including many different types of issues such as platform policies, user behavior, and social standards. Platforms must establish strong safety measures, educate users, and work with authorities to combat exploitation. But people are also responsible for their activities online as well.

I have not personally experienced any online exploitation. But I have heard from a friend who has been doxxed online through Discord.  Doxxing is the act of publicly providing personally identifiable information, including name and address. about an individual, usually via the Internet and without their consent.  Their “supposed” friend that they met on the platform sent them a link to a game that they loved. Thinking nothing of it, he clicked on the link and it sent him to a website but the website was not the game. Later on, the “friend” got information on my friend and used it against him. From there on out my friend has been so careful online and with who he becomes friends with.

Some solutions that I have for social media apps could be content moderation. What I mean by this is to have AI or have employees proactively detect and remove any exploitative content/ links. They could also have strict policies and enforcement, by banning accounts that go against their policies that share inappropriate content. And the companies could also offer awareness programs for the user and or both the minor and their parents, about online safety, privacy settings, and how to recognize and respond to any suspicious messages.

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About the Contributor
Emanuel Cruz
Emanuel Cruz, Staff Writer

Emanuel Cruz is a junior at Hoover High School. He was born on April 13, raised in San Diego, California, by his parents who immigrated to live the American Dream. He has two older siblings but he will be the first one in his family to graduate from Hoover, as the class of 2025. He also has two cats that he treasures and loves. He doesn’t really have a plan after high school but does want to attend SDSU. He wishes to have a career and is inspired by both his sister and brother.

Outside of school he enjoys watching movies and of course playing video games. His current favorite movies are Everything Everywhere All At Once, Interstellar, and La La Land. As for his video games, they are Roblox, Good Pizza Great Pizza, and Mario Kart 8. But something else that he absolutely loves is FOOD! His favorite dish is chilaquiles with a cold glass of Iced Tea.

He hopes to work in the medical field, but can’t decide on which career. What he does know is that he wants to help people whether that be helping them physically or mentally. He is currently in FACES and in Cardinals Interact which are programs that will expose him to decide which career is the best option for him.