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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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Lunch periods

April Fool’s! This story is false!

According to administration and security, Hoover will now have lunch inside of classes as part of period three when the fourth quarter begins.

There are a number of students leaving trash on the ground, speaking profanity and being hurtful towards each other and adults nearby. Also, during this lunch certain students are not being respectful of the bathrooms.  There have been reports, which as a community, causes worry about the health of students. So for further supervision, students will have to remain in their period three class and receive lunch from trays that lunch ladies will bring to the classrooms.  Here is a preliminary lunch schedule for Hoover:

Seniors will get there trays from 12-12:30,

Juniors at 12:30-1:00

Sophomores 1:00-1:30

Freshman 1:30-2

For mixed grade classes, lunch will be available for them during the junior time frame.  After the bell rings, students have five minutes to head to their period four class and should not be walking around campus.

Students in their lunch period classes are not allowed to walk around during this time and will remain in their classes once all students have received their meals.   Only after that will students be able to use the restroom.  There are also new campus rules for this new policy.

Students are not allowed to bring other friends to their period three classroom, and will not be allowed to leave early for period four.  Students will not be allowed to switch classes or classrooms. Teachers and security will have to make sure students are following this current rule and if broken, a phone call home or an email will be sent to either their parent or guardian.

Further consequences will occur if students don’t follow directions, The only bathrooms that will remain open are in the back quad.  In addition, teachers will only allow one student out at a time to use the restroom or for water.  Security and administration will be walking around campus to make sure everyone follows the new policies.

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Daniela Gonzalez is a junior who was raised in San Diego and loves to go eat tacos with her dog Nala.  She hates going to school on a rainy days and would rather just stay at home and play video games.  She loves sunny day and going to school when it's not cold but loves sitting near a car window to feel the cold air hit her face. If she could, she would get every animal in the world.  She loves to come to school to see her friends and bf, but just wishes school food would just be better.  She often brings snacks to school and loves to go visit some of her old teachers but when it comes to choosing where to eat, it would have to be at Castanedas.  She loves the tacos from there and when she's older, she wants to be a firefighter to help people.  She used to want to be a vet but thanks to Hoover and teachers, she found her dream career.  Daniela loves playing games on her phone and nintendo and spending as much time as she can with her dog.  She really enjoys this school and the kind teachers at Hoover.