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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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New cellphone pouches

April Fool’s! This story is false!

Because of excessive phone usage, the Hoover administration has decided to introduce the YONDR magnetic phone pouches which will be used to lock phones at the start of the school day.

The pouches are locked with a magnet and cannot be unlocked unless by a teacher, administrator, or security. This decision comes after many issues of excessive use of cellphones during class time.  Each student will get a pouch with their student ID number.  It will be locked at the first bell, and stay with students all day. The phone must be turned off while inside the pouch. If students are caught with a phone not in a pouch or caught using your phone, the phone will be taken to the office and a parent will have to pick it up.

The pouch will be unlocked at the end of the day. After looking at current data, the administration thinks that this new phone policy could improve students’ grades, increase engagement in the classroom, and correct student behavior in and outside the classrooms. The pouches will also help reduce the distractions around campus.

Students will no longer be distracted by social media, or notifications or get tempted to pick up their phones and can fully focus on the school work. The pouches could also help students socialize with each other instead of being blocked by their devices and have more direct conversations. The administration hopes that the pouches will help prevent cyberbullying from being filmed and having videos posted online without consent.

“We hope the pouches will improve student grades and their mental health,” stated Leslie Jones, who is in the health field.

This is a part of the new phone policy that will start to be implemented once the new quarter starts with the pouches given out by your first-period teacher. Students will put their phones in the pouches and the new policy will start immediately. Removing phones from the school environment will lead to better learning conditions for teachers and students.

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