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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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Prom might be canceled

April Fool’s! This story is false!

This year, the 2024 prom may be canceled because tardies and absences have increased by 20 percent since last year at Hoover.

Hoover has made a conscious choice to impose a new policy that might have barely any students able to come to prom, which in turn might cancel prom because of the lack of people. The new policy will go into effect as soon as we come back from spring break and enter the fourth quarter.  According to the new policy, students will only be allowed to attend prom if they have six tardies and 10 absences only, in order to be allowed to go to hoover’s prom.

The school has made this policy because they want kids to start making up for their absences and tardies, but the majority of seniors have not been proactive.  However, they still have time to fix their tardies and absences but if not, prom will be canceled.

Currently, tutoring and Saturday school will be options for these students that don’t make the requirement for prom, but they must be on time for both after school tutoring and Saturday school. They will have 4 weeks until May 4th to be able to make up their tardies and absences.

Tutoring takes place in the library and starts after school from 3:45-4:45, and will take away one tardy and two absences. Saturday school will also be an option, and starts from 8:00 to 12 pm.  You must arrive on time since they lock the doors at 8:05 and will not let anyone in.

While there is still time to make sure more students come to prom, only one third of the seniors will be able to attend, which is worrying the administration because if students don’t make up their tardies and absences prom will be canceled this year for everyone.

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Jaylah Storey
Jaylah Storey, Staff Writer
Jaylah Storey is currently a student at Hoover High School, and is a junior this school year. She likes roller skating but isn't that good at it. She hates heights and will pass out on a rollercoaster. Jaylah has a goal of making it on the  honor role and going to a university, where she can study psychology and become a therapist. Her role model is  her dad, and his name is Johnathan Mitchell. He did 10 years in service and was a “Look at the bright side” type of person. She doesn’t know what college she wants to go to but she wants to become a family therapist or a fashion designer. Jaylah wants to help change the world by educating the people here in the world. Society can make the world a better place by just helping other people because if we all helped each other their world would be a better place.