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The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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Hair color, eye lashes, and acrylic nails will be a thing of the past

April Fool’s! This story is false!

One of Hoover’s new policies will be the banning of colored hair, face piercings, lashes, and acrylic nails. These new policies will begin the week after spring break.

These new policies have been added due to many complaints that have been going to school administration by parents, teachers, and staff.  The school takes into consideration everyone’s opinion. The health center at Hoover has complained that there are many cases of eye infections caused by lash glue. The administration thinks that it will be a better idea if they ban lashes because it will improve the safety of the students. Many teachers on campus believe that lashes have caused a huge distraction to some students as they spend lots of time trying to fix their lashes in class and stop paying attention to their work.

Colored hair has become a distraction to many people. There will not be any bright colored hair or highlights allowed. The school would prefer for everyone to just have their natural hair or dark hair. Face piercings will not be allowed either. Some parents have complained that their children are getting influenced to get face piercings from other classmates. The school values every parent’s opinion and although it was a hard decision the school has come to an agreement to ban face piercings and they believe they are very unnecessary and unprofessional for the school. Plus with the new facial recognition software, it is getting harder to identify students.

Lastly, acrylic nails will also be banned. The school staff believes that it has also become a form of distraction for many students. The school custodian is complaining about finding too many broken nails all over the school. The PE teachers have complained that many students do not want to participate in some activities and use their acrylic nails as an excuse. English teachers have also expressed that students are having a hard time typing on their computers.

Because of everything that has been going on at Hoover recently, the school would very much appreciate everyone to follow the new policies. Every student will get three strikes before school suspension. First will be a warning, Second will be mandatory Saturday school, and the third will be meeting with parents, counselors, administration, and school police. If students still continue to break any of the new school policies, he or she will be at risk of suspension.

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Sarai Mendoza
Sarai Mendoza, Staff Writer
Sarai Mendoza is a 15 year old sophomore at Hoover High School. She was born on November 21 and raised in San Diego California. Sarai grew up in a loving family with her mother and four siblings. Growing up she was always spoiled for being the youngest. As a child, her mother always encouraged her to value her education and take advantage of all the great opportunities. Not only that but to also become more independent as she grew up. Her biggest inspiration in life has to be her mom, who was born and raised in Mexico City. She came to the United States about 20 years ago in hope for a better life. Although she was a single mother, she worked hard to always give her five children a better life . No matter how bad things got, her mother always motivated her to be a better person. Sarai would do anything to continue to make her proud Her top three favorite places to eat have to be In-n-Out, Wingstop, and Olive Garden. She loves to write. Her favorite school subject is English. Don't ever ask her for help in math because she won’t understand a thing. Sarai is very shy at first but once you get to know her and help her step out her comfort zone, she becomes this funny and out-going person. As she grew up she realized she wanted to become a medical assistant. She hopes to get into a good college, and will continue to work hard to do so. She believes that if she continues to encourage others to continue to reach their goals and never give up on their dreams, it can make a huge difference on other people.