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  • June 4Graduation is this Thursday, June 6 at 5 pm!
  • June 4Have a great summer!
The student news site of Hoover High School

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The student news site of Hoover High School

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How I plan on spending my summer


During summer break, I’ll travel around town for the first few days. I’ll stay home just to relax and stay with my family and friends. I’ll try to go out with them and have fun. On June 15, it’s my mom’s birthday, and she wanted to travel to Ensenada, Mexico. It’s about two to three hours away from Tijuana, and I spent some days there. After the trip, we are coming back home, but I’ll have to stay in Tijuana because on July 23, I’ll travel down to Obregon, Sonora, to visit my family there. I’ll probably see some friends that I have there. I’ll probably stay there for about two weeks or more. I don’t really want to travel much because I want to work and focus on my job.

Also during summer break, a fun place to hang out is San Ysidro Mall Plaza Americas. It’s a pretty good spot to relax and walk around. I like the stores there. There’s a variety of clothing shops like Hollister, Zumiez, or Footlocker. There are a lot of specials during the summer holidays, and the food court is very popular. There’s pretty much everything there, and if you’re not craving anything, there are trucks of Mexican food outside the mall. Plaza Americas is a place for everyone. Some stores try to encourage most of their workers to speak another language than English, and it’s really helpful for those who struggle with their English. I really recommend going through some stores and walking around.

This summer I’m going to be cleaning pools. It’s something really special to me because it’s a family business. My uncle started it, then my cousin started working there, and then me. It’s something that’s going to be fun and interesting because I haven’t had a job before, and I’ll see how it turns out. I like that their people who I know are there so it’s not something scary. I’m really excited for the summer break. There’s going to be a lot of people using pools, and I’ll have to clean them. It’s really funny to me that I’ll have to work for that money. I’m scared that they don’t pay me enough, but I really don’t mind how many hours I get; it’s just that money to buy things would be great and that’s pretty much all.

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About the Contributor
Oliver Almeida-Renteria
Oliver Almeida-Renteria, Junior Editor

Oliver Almeida has been at Hoover High School for three years. He is a junior in the ALMA academy.  He likes to go out with his friends and with his partner. He hopes this year is way better than last year, and also excited to reach goals and that everything goes well as planned for this year.

Currently his favorite classes are chemistry and yearbook because they are interesting and complicated for a challenge. Apart from that, there are always people who he enjoys and  helps  in classes and likes to have fun. His favorite colors are brown and black, because they are good clothing combinations and very solid . His favorite shows are Never Have I Ever and Shameless. They are very good to watch, when you have time" His two favorite movies are Cars 2 and Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.

He is very grateful for my teachers who always try to help him, such as Mrs. Teuthorn and also Mr.Heu. This semester he is focusing on school but also on himself. Because sometimes you have to think of yourself. He does think of others, but if you also need to be smart sometimes and put yourself first.

" Always expect the best from you ." ~ Oliver