New lunch program rollout on April 1


Paloma Ocampo, Staff Writer

April Fool’s Story #4

Thank you for allowing The Cardinal staff to carry on this annual tradition!

Hey Hoover Students!  We are excited to announce that Hoover will be getting a new lunch menu. However, students will now have to pay for their lunch. After careful consideration, it was decided to give students healthier options.  As a test pilot for new partnerships, Hoover will now offer healthy choices from Sprouts, Tender Greens and Souplantation (the largest contributor), who all will be providing the school with the new lunches.

The price range will be between $3 to $8, depending on what lunch items you order. With this added partnership, Hoover will be providing 80% vegetarian lunches items.  With the increase in childhood obesity, the school district will now offer more healthier choices. If all goes well with this test pilot, the new lunch program will move to other schools as well.

With these new options, this might have more people eating lunch, since currently many don’t actually eat lunch. This will also help out the athletes trying to stay fit during their sport season and having something to eat during lunch. The more food options will also be beneficial to students who are vegan, vegetarian or have dietary restrictions.

The new school lunches will slowly start rolling out at the end of April. So get ready for the change that will make Hoover the healthiest school in our area.

“I’m glad that we have much healthier options for the students,” said Ms Debra Davis, one of Hoover’s lunch ladies.  “Students deserve to eat much healthier food.”