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Paloma Ocampo
Paloma Ocampo is a senior at Hoover High School and in the Academy of Health and Healthy Communities. She was born on November 7, in San Diego California, and currently 16 years old. She joined publications because she is a senior editor and is in charge of the yearbook. She will try to make the yearbook as best as possible with her fellow peers helping her. This will be her third and final year in publications so she hopes to make it count. Her role model is her older brother. She went to Clark middle school and she will graduate high school in 2021. Her family is from Mexico. She feels people refuse to wear a mask because they are selfish and not aware that they are endangering others by not having one on. People can be safer if everyone wears a mask in public and try not to go outside as much.

Paloma Ocampo, Senior Editor

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