Pros and cons of the caffeine fix


Paloma Ocampo, Staff Writer

Have you noticed something when you walk into first or second period? It’s like you see the same people and they always have one thing in there hand, a drink from Starbucks. You’ve never questioned why they have it because you have become so accustomed to them having it in their hand. But you’ve noticed other things along with it that they’re always late and they look like they haven’t had slept in days. Do they need it cause it’s an energy booster, cause they actually haven’t slept in days or just cause they are “addicted” to it.

Think about it, any one of those reasons takes a big hit on there attendance at school, on their health, and on their wallets too. Some of the students arrive late to class cause they stopped at Starbucks to get their fill of a caramel frappuccino or a latte. It’s also a major impact on one’s health with the amount of caffeine and sugar in Starbucks drinks. This could potentially lead students to have more sleeping problems than they already do, being more anxious or nervous, and could also impact your growth and cause you to break out more than you usually do.

Most importantly your wallet…your poor wallet. Let’s say you buy a venti caramel frappuccino every day, monday through friday, throughout the school year which is about 10 months. A venti caramel frappuccino without tax is $4.95. In a week you spent $24.75, in a month $99, and a whole school year you will spend $990 which is almost $1,000 in 10 months. So seniors, there is your money for homecoming, prom, grad night, and your yearbook.  So when seniors cry they have no money, well, you could have if you do the math.

But there is reasoning why people would need the coffee; there’s school and most have work after or even clubs or sports after school. Leading to them having to spend most of the night doing their homework, a project or essay that they didn’t have free time to do since they are busy. This causes them to have a lack of sleep and needing caffeine the next day so they don’t pass out in class. Most students that stay up working happen to be AP classes and need to keep up with the massive amount of work that they are given and are expected to turn in completed at the end of the week, or else their grade will drop tremendously. So in the end, students need that caffeine boost to get through the work, though healthwise, it could be detrimental