Be our guest…be our guest

Paloma Ocampo, Staff Writer

As most Hoover students know there is a brand new culinary building that is open for classes.

There are new gas stoves and ovens, there is a future teacher cafe space and finally the professional kitchen that is used for Chef Luu’s class. For the classes right now, they don’t have all the supplies that they need for creating amazing dishes. Some of the supplies are still coming in from Amazon and other online websites.

“I love the space where there’s enough room for kids to work,” said culinary arts teacher Ms. Pam Dahlin.

Ms. Dahlins role is to teach all kids to take care of themselves in food and nutrition and inspire those interested in going into the industry.  Once they take the Food Prep course, students can take Culinary Arts with Chef Luu.

Caesar salad, shrimp and cheese tortellini, apple crepes, and chai iced tea are just samples of what the Cardinal Kitchen is capable of preparing.

The cafe isn’t up and running yet but will be for teachers to purchase food. Chef Luu has also offered the new Dining Room 902 for events or if the Cardinal Kitchen 903 can cater an event, they would just need to fill out an event form here: CardinalKITCHEN903

Also there will be online ordering so the teachers will be able to order their food and it’ll be delivered according to the kitchen’s schedule. Although the kitchen is not allowed to sell food to students, teachers could order food for the students as a prize or as a reward  for hard work. There’s a possibility that when it’s furnished they might give snacks or drinks for people that are tutoring on Thursday.

It might take about 4 semesters, or two years, for it to be a full functioning cafe,” exprssed culinary arts teacher Chef Tina Luu. “Right now it’s just a trial run and we will make improvements on the way until we are almost perfect than they will be fully functioning and the teachers can go.