Staying positive during this pandemic


Ethan Pham, Senior Editor

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has hurt many of us and our friends and family. Some families are struggling due to lack of income and it sucks to see this happen. This has led me to become more appreciative of what my family and I have. My goals during this pandemic are to help the ones I love, to stay positive, and to not be intimidated on what the future holds for us. My mental health has been going down because all I love to do is hang out with my friends and make them laugh, and now I can’t. Physically, it made me do things I probably wouldn’t have done like rearrange my whole entire room and try to cook new things which came out totally delicious. Recently my family and I have been trying to do some art and crafts since my little brother, who is in kindergarten, can’t do it in class so we try to help out and do it here. We made fishes out of construction paper, chenille pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, yarn, and many more. These arts and crafts are bringing us together as a family. We don’t usually do this kind of stuff because everyone was either at work or school. My mom occasionally works only emergencies because she is a hygienist and surprisingly, I’m still working. I’m truly grateful to still have my job and have some income coming in but it’s bad for other people not having the same opportunity to do the same.


It’s not cool to be part of the class of 2020 because we don’t get to experience what all the other classes were able to do which is GradNite, prom, and graduation. But hopefully we hear good news saying we’re allowed to do all that. I do miss some of the teachers that I know because I always try to have a good connection with everyone on campus and it’s sad to not see them anymore. I always try to send a random positive email to some teachers, for example, Chef Luu and Mr. Babineau. I told all my friends on social media to say Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Babineau which made me very happy inside. Since I participated in a spring sport, I was really bummed out that it ended very shortly because I was excited to have a Senior Night and hopefully a chance to go to the playoffs. Not playing volleyball is so different because everyday I looked forward to practice. I wish I could have a redo on my season.

I hope everyone is doing okay and being safe! Everyone should try to do something new that they always wanted to do. It’s a great time to do so.  Make sure you’re looking out for your friends and family. Family can be a pain sometimes, but times like this, it’s great to be with them. Keep your head up high and hope for the best. Hope to see everyone soon so we can make the most out of what we have left together before we separate on our own paths.