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Ethan Pham, Senior Editor

Ethan Pham is a senior and part of the ALMA academy and many more extracurriculars. He has been attending Hoover High School for all his four years. He is a part of Key Club & APAC cabinet. Also he has been on the Boy’s Volleyball since freshman year. After school, he either keeps grinding on volleyball or goes to work at In-N-Out. He loves to eat anything and everything. You give him something he will munch on that real fast. His dream is to live in Hawaii being a pastry chef or working in a high end kitchen. If that doesn’t happen, he wants to be a flight attendant. He loves to travel to many places and the next destination he is going is Tokyo, Japan. One fun fact about him is that he has been part of the  homecoming court for three years in a row and was crowned king this year. He is very well known around school and social media. He has 17.8k followers on TikTok. His goal is to reach 25k by the end of the year. Ethan is very outgoing, a hard worker, and very open minded person. If you need anything he will always be there to help.

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Ethan Pham