Looking forward to a little freedom


Apiew Abella, Staff Writer

After the quarantine is over, I’m planning to go visit my sister in Minnesota. I know I’m always on the phone with her a lot but it’ll be pretty cool to see her in person. I can’t wait to walk outside without having to wear a mask. I can’t wait to see my friends who I believe are going through a rough time just like I am. I hate being at home but I know I have to for my safety.

The Coronavirus has affected so many lives and because of the virus schools, colleges, and businesses were shut down. Even though COVID19 brought pain, it also brought changes in our everyday lives. I personally start to do new activities to keep myself from going insane. I find myself reading a book and that’s a really big deal for me because I don’t normally read them. I spent so much time with my family that I learned a lot about them that I didn’t before and to be honest, it troubled me a little that I didn’t know much about my siblings who I spent half my life with.

Before COVID19 was announced I spent my free time watching a series on Netflix, but with all this time, I have been watching Netflix nonstop. The best t.v. show I’ve watched so far, and that I will very much like to watch again is Lost in Space. This show is the best because each and every one of the characters are very Intelligent and they all have different ways of showing it. My favorite episode was the last episode in season 2 because at the end, one of the main characters, Judy, captains a mission to send the Resolute‘s ninety-seven children to the Alpha Centauri colony in a Jupiter using the alien engine and I thought it was pretty courageous. She is a very smart and brave young lady and to lead a group of kids to a different planet is something only a real leader could do.