Hoping for the best


Hope…a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  As seniors going out into the world, they have experienced something that is a first for the United States and especially the community that they live in.  The following seniors express their hopes, and fears, as 2020 progresses and the uncertainty that is coming with it.


I hope everyone stays safe and at home if we follow the guidelines we could hopefully be able to fight the pandemic and for the protesters it could not be easy to self distance because a lot of people are going together but wear masks and try to stay as far from each other as possible. It is difficult for everybody but I believe if we try to be more understanding of one other we could make a change. Know that we all want an outcome that makes our life change for the better. Having hope can make the tough situation we are facing more bearable until we can eventually see the end of this chaos in our world. Hoping for the best for everyone.

Zabiba Abdi


Despite the chaos that is flooding the world the one thing I wish for is peace and I hope others can find it. I want to grow up and remember this whole pandemic as a joke and reminisce about the times with my friends and family and everything and everyone I cared about.

Luis Ordonez


Even though senior year wasn’t the greatest this year we still had great memories we can always look back at. Before I was ever a senior, I was always excited for this moment to have my senior night, go to GradNite, have all my family come to my graduation but it ended before it could even start. But on the bright side I made some everlasting memories with my friends one last time. We got to mess around and laugh in the classrooms and most importantly, appreciate the time we had with them.

Ethan Pham


I just want to say that senior year was definitely something I would remember because since the beginning of the school year to the closing of the campus, I had already made so many great memories like pages 1-5 of the yearbook, and that being quarantined didn’t really bother me. Although, not being able to have our senior activities kind of did, especially not getting to have our actual physical graduation on June 9th. My hopes for the upcoming year is to grow as a person, become more independent, be more social and just learn what things/people are good or bad for.

Rose Yem


I hope that law enforcement and justice will be served to those that have a bad heart and get away with killings by the police because it makes no sense how they treat the Black community. I’m tired of living on the edge as a black young man and hoping I’m not next. We, People of Color, are coming together to make sure our communities and families don’t get this treatment or live in fear anymore.  We are tired and fed up for not being heard and overlooked. It’s time to change the structures in power as a whole.

Isaiah Price


After all this corona, closing stores and school, much not working, and now successfully these people protesting about police brutality, killing many innocent people, racism, and just hate in this world the past months, all I want is our world/community to be joined as a group and end racism. Maybe Trump will not be our president or he shouldn’t be on social media because he has the brain of a peanut and says the most stupidest things ever in the generation of presidents. Bring back Obama or someone better and who understands the people and bring nothing but peace and love.  Hopefully everyone goes back to how we were and nothing else bad happens.

Jaquie Zavala


I hope for this pandemic to be over so I can continue with my life for myself and my family. I hope that my dad can now get closer to his goal to buy a house this year.  I hope my mom finds a better job, and I hope my sister isn’t chaotic while I’m gone. I hope that I am walking towards the right path, praying to God each step of the way, and that I am going towards a career I would love doing while also keeping financially stable to accomplish my own life goals. As for the community, I hope the Black Lives Matter movement can finally bring some good change for this country soon.

Lindsey Arzola