The peace was damaged


Ethan Pham, Senior Editor

Recently, there have been many conflicts around the U.S and it hasn’t been looking so good. Many protests have been held for the Black Lives Matter movement but some of it are taking it too far, and see it as an opportunity to invade stores and cause destruction. On May 30th, 2020 in La Mesa, there was a peaceful protest that unfortunately led to destruction.

“What motivated me to go protest was what is going on in America, expressed Hoover High School junior, Lyne Le. “Too Many innocent black men and women’s lives are being ended by the hands of police officers and it has gone too far.”

Lyne is a person of color that wanted to take a stand for black people.  She didn’t expect that the cops would harm her and she was hoping that they would actually join in to let them understand why they’re doing this.

“Black people or anyone deserves to be treated equally,” continued Lyne.  “I felt like going to the protest would create change because it would show to those in positions of power, like Donald Trump and the government, that the people are taking a stand and not backing down. They need to do something about it now.”

When asked about what she thought of the riots, “My opinions on the rioting is that there are some people coming out to the protest for the wrong reasons. They are only going to cause destruction, with people looting small businesses and that is not okay. We shouldn’t be harming our local businesses.

She wanted to make it clear that the La Mesa protest was peaceful the entire time until the cops brought out their rubber bullets and tear gas. Since 2020 started, there have been so many problems. So please as a reminder, be safe and remember to stay positive.